SMI-2016 (The 12th International Conference on Stopping and Manipulation of Ions and related topics) has been held successfully by the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences at Lanzhou, China, during June 8 -- 10, 2016. 

SMI-2016 Scientific programme

June 7 Tuesday

16:00-20:00 Registration (Place: Ningwozhuang Hotel)
17:30-19:30 Welcoming reception (Place: Ningwozhuang Hotel)

June 8 Wednesday

Session 1 Chair: Xiaohong Zhou
08:40-08:5010 minGuoqing Xiao / Hongwei Zhao (IMP, China)
  Welcoming address
08:50-09:3030+10Ari Jokinen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
09:30-10:1030+10Dave Morrissey (MSU/NSCL/FRIB, USA)
  Operational experience with the linear gas catcher and extracted beams at the NSCL
10:10-10:3020Coffee break
Session 2 Chair: Ari Jokinen
10:30-11:0025+5Ryan Ringle (MSU/NSCL/FRIB, USA)
  Next-generation stopping and manipulation of high-intensity rare isotope beams at NSCL/FRIB
11:00-11:3025+5Stefan Schwarz (MSU/NSCL/FRIB, USA)
  Ion transport tests for the NSCL cyclotron stopper
11:30-11:5520+5Heikki Penttilä (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  Chemical selectivity of the IGISOL/JYFLTRAP system
12:20 Lunch
Session 3 Chair: Dave Morrissey
14:30-15:0025+5Francesca Giacoppo (HIM & GSI, Germany)
  First measurements with the cryogenic buffer-gas cell at SHIPTRAP
15:00-15:3025+5Moritz Pascal Reiter (GSI, Germany / TRIUMF, Canada)
  Stopping of relativistic 238U projectile and fission fragments in a cryogenic gas-filled stopping cell
 20+5Maxime Brodeur (University of Notre Dame)
  Experimental investigation of the repelling force from RF carpets
15:55-16:1520Coffee break
Session 4 Chair: Sergey Zemlyanoy (JINR, Russia)
16:15-16:4525+5Lars von der Wense (LMU Münhen, Germany)
  Extraction of 229Th3+ from a buffer gas stopping cell
16:45-17:0515+5Andreas Solders (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  Simulations of the stopping efficiency of the IGISOL fission ion guides
17:05-18:20 Photo & Tour of IMP
19:00 Banquet

June 9 Thursday

07:00-19:00 A tour around Lanzhou area

June 10 Friday  

Session 5 Chair: Rafael Ferrer
08:40-09:0520+5Wenxue Huang (IMP, China)
  Progresses at IMP and prospect at HIAF
09:05-09:3020+5Moritz Pascal Reiter (GSI, Germany / TRIUMF, Canada)
  Multi-reflection time-of-flight based isobar separation at TITAN at TRIUMF
09:30-10:0025+5Xiaofei Yang (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  Laser spectroscopy on cooled and bunched beams at ISOLDE-CERN
10:00-10:3025+5Mustapha Laatiaoui (HIM & GSI, Germany)
  First nobelium laser spectroscopy performed in a buffer-gas stopping cell
10:30-10:5020Coffee break
Session 6 Chair: Yoshikazu Hirayama
10:50-11:2025+5Iain Moore (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  Actinide studies at IGISOL and preparations towards the N=Z line with MARA-LEB
11:20-11:4015+5P. Papadakis (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  The MARA separator and the low-energy branch
11:40-12:1025+5Bradley Cheal (University of Liverpool, UK)
  Optical manipulation in RFQ
12:20 Lunch
Session 7 Chair: Bradley Cheal
14:30-15:0025+5Rafael Ferrer (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  The HELIOS project: Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy of Heavy Elements in a Supersonic Gas Jet
15:00-15:3025+5Yoshikazu Hirayama (KEK, Japan)
  Spectroscopy of multi-nucleon transfer reaction products using KISS
15:30-16:0025+5Tetsu Sonoda (RIKEN, Japan)
  Parasitic low-energy RI-beam production using in gas laser ionization and spectroscopy technique at RIKEN/PALIS
16:00-16:2015+5Mikka Reponen (RIKEN, Japan)
  A narrowband injection-locked Titanium:Sapphire laser system for precision laser resonance ionization spectroscopy
  Concluding remarks
17:30 Dinner

June 11 Saturday

  Leaving Lanzhou