Chunli Yang, Miss

Name :Chunli Yang
Tel (Office) :0086-(0)931-4969766
Postal Adress :509 Nanchang Rd.
Lanzhou 730000
P.R. China
Email :chunliyang(at)

Curriculum vitae

BirthdayDecember 1977
BirthplaceLanzhou, China

University study and Career

Sept. 1996 - July 2000Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University
Bachelor of Science
Sept. 2000 - July 2003Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University
Master of Science
Sept. 2009 - June 2015China Institute of Atomic Energy
Ph.D. on Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Material
April 2004 - Sept. 2010China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)
Assistant Research Fellow
  • Responsible for and conducted research in Pulse Plating For Targets Preparation(2004-2008)
  • Involved in the Mechanism Investigation of Molecular Plating(2009-2010)
Sept. 2010 – March 2016China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)
Associate Researcher
  • Focus on the study of the speciation and behavior of crucial nuclides in the environment
March 2012 – March 2013Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Visting Scholar
  • Conducted research in the speciation of neptunium(V) sorption to lepidocrocite (γ-FeOOH)
April 2016 - PresentInstitute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMP)
Associate researcher
  • Conducted research in chemical purification and separation of 243Am, as well as the 243Am and other transuranium targets preparation
  • Focus on the study of chemistry of the superheavy elements with microfluidic tool for the liquid-liquid extraction

Awards and Honors

  • Distinguished Individual, Radiochemistry Group, CIAE (2008)
  • Second Prize, Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, CIAE (2009)
  • Excellent Prize, GF Report (National Defense Report), CIAE (2010)
  • Excellent Ph. D. Thesis, CIAE (2015)

Publication list

Z. Y. Zhang,  Z. G. Gan,∗ H. B. Yang, L. Ma, M. H. Huang, C.L. Yang,  M. M. Zhang, Y. L. Tian, Y. S. Wang., et al., A new isotope 220 Np: Probing the robustness of the N = 126 shell closure in neptunium. Physical Review Letters 122, 192503 (2019).

M.M .Zhang, H.B. Yang*, Z.G. Gan, Z.Y. Zhang, M.H. Huang, L. Ma, C.L. Yang, C.X. Yuan, Y.S. Wang, Y.L.Tian, H.B. Zhou, S. Huang, X.T. He, S.Y. Wang, W.Z. Xu, H.W. Li, X.X. Xu, J.G. Wang, H.R. Yang, L.M. Duan, W.Q. Yang, S.G. Zhou, Z.Z. Ren, X.H. Zhou, H.S. Xu, A.A. Voinov, Yu.S. Tsyganov, A.N. Polyakov, M.V. Shumeiko, A new isomeric state in 218Pa, Physics Letters B, 2020, 800:135102.

Huabin Yang, Zaiguo Gan*, Zhiyuan Zhang, Mingming Zhang, Minghui Huang, Long Ma, and Chuili Yang, A digital pulse fitting method for the α decay studies of short-lived nuclei, European Physics Journal A, 2019, 55: 8.

Huabin Yang, Long Ma, Zhiyuan Zhang, Chunli Yang, Zaiguo Gan*, Mingming Zhang,  Minghui Huang, Lin Yu, Jian Jiang, Yulin Tian, Yongsheng Wang, Jianguo Wang, Zhong Liu, Minliang Liu, Limin Duan, Shangui Zhou, Zhongzhou Ren, Xiaohong Zhou, Hushan Xu, Guoqing Xiao, Alpha decay properties of semi-magic nucleus 219Np, Physics Letters B, 2018, 777: 212-216.

Yang Chun-li,Brian A. Powell, Shengdong Zhang,Linfeng Rao.Surface complexaion modelingof neptunium(V) sorption to lepidocrocite (γ-FeOOH). Radiochimica Acta.  103(10): 707–717, 2015.

Yang Chun-li, Thick Yttrium Target Preparation 10th National Symposium on Nuclear targets Preparation, 2009.

Yang Chun-li, The Target Preparation of 232Th by Molecular Plating on 2μm Al Foils,Chinese Nuclear Society Annual Meeting, 2009.

Yang Chun-li, Su Shuxin, Zhang Shengdong,The Preparation of Uranium Target by Pulse Molecular Plating, [J] Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Vol.29, No.4, 2007.

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