Huabin Yang, Dr.

Name :Huabin Yang
Tel (Office) :0086-(0)931-4969766
Postal Adress :509 Nanchang Rd.
Lanzhou 730000
P.R. China
Email :yanghb(at)

Curriculum vitae

BirthdayFebruary 1988
BirthplaceHenan Province, China

University study and Career

Sept. 2007 - June 2011Henan University
Bachelor degree on Physics
Sept. 2011 - June 2016University of Chinese Academy of Sciences & Lanzhou University (Joint doctoral training)
Doctor degree on Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics
PhD thesis: Alpha decay studies of the new neutron-deficient nuclides 216U and 215U
July 2016 - Oct. 2019Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Assistant researcher
Nov. 2019 - nowInstitute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Associate researcher

Objectives and Technical skills

The research interests are the α-decay studies of neutron-deficient actinide nuclei close to the N=126 shell closure at gas-filled recoil separator and the synthesis of new super heavy elements. Co-author of discoveries of new isotopes of 205Ac, 216U, 215U, 219Np, 223Np, 224Np, 220Np, 214U,222Np. Main technical skills are about MWPC and silicon detectors, experimental data processing, digital algorithms.

Publication list

M.M .Zhang, H.B. Yang*, Z.G. Gan, Z.Y. Zhang, M.H. Huang, L. Ma, C.L. Yang, C.X. Yuan, Y.S. Wang, Y.L.Tian, H.B. Zhou, S. Huang, X.T. He, S.Y. Wang, W.Z. Xu, H.W. Li, X.X. Xu, J.G. Wang, H.R. Yang, L.M. Duan, W.Q. Yang, S.G. Zhou, Z.Z. Ren, X.H. Zhou, H.S. Xu, A.A. Voinov, Yu.S. Tsyganov, A.N. Polyakov, M.V. Shumeiko, A new isomeric state in 218Pa, Physics Letters B, 2020, 800:135102.

Z. Y. Zhang,  Z. G. Gan,∗ H. B. Yang, L. Ma, M. H. Huang, C.L. Yang,  M. M. Zhang, Y. L. Tian, Y. S. Wang., et al., A new isotope 220 Np: Probing the robustness of the N = 126 shell closure in neptunium. Physical Review Letters 122, 192503 (2019)

Huabin Yang, Zaiguo Gan*, Zhiyuan Zhang, Mingming Zhang, Minghui Huang, Long Ma, and Chuili Yang, A digital pulse fitting method for the α decay studies of short-lived nuclei, European Physics Journal A, 2019, 55: 8.

Huabin Yang, Long Ma, Zhiyuan Zhang, Chunli Yang, Zaiguo Gan*, Mingming Zhang,  Minghui Huang, Lin Yu, Jian Jiang, Yulin Tian, Yongsheng Wang, Jianguo Wang, Zhong Liu, Minliang Liu, Limin Duan, Shangui Zhou, Zhongzhou Ren, Xiaohong Zhou, Hushan Xu, Guoqing Xiao, Alpha decay properties of semi-magic nucleus 219Np, Physics Letters B, 2018, 777: 212-216.

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Huabin Yang, Long Ma, Zhiyuan Zhang, Lin Yu, Guobin Jia, Minghui Huang, Zaiguo Gan*, Tianheng Huang, Guangshun Li, Xiaolei Wu, Yongde Fang, Zhigang Wang, Bingshui Gao, Wei Hua, Experiment for synthesis of neutron deficient protactinium isotopes. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2014,41:105104.

Huabin Yang, Lin Yu, Tiangheng Huang, Zhiyuan Zhang, Long Ma, Minghui Huang, Guangshun Li, Xiaolei Wu, Zaiguo Gan, Focal plane detection system of gas-filled recoil separator in Lanzhou, Nuclear Physics Review, 2013, 30(3): 369-373 (in Chinese).